• Annual Report 2021

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Statement of Comprehensive Income

For the year ended 31 December 2021 Notes 2021 SR 2020 SR
Net income for the year after Zakat and tax attributable to shareholder 38,309,395 45,917,811
Other comprehensive income
Items that will not be reclassified to income statement subsequently
Remeasurement of employees end of service benefit obligations 19 (694,084) (735,982)
Items that may be classified to income statement subsequently
Share of foreign currency translation reserve of an equity-accounted investee 17 (1,429,969) 2,926,703
(2,124,053) 2,190,721
Total comprehensive income for the year 36,185,342 48,108,532

The accompanying notes 1 to 36 form an integral part of these financial statements.