Corporate Profile

  • Saudi Reinsurance Company "Saudi Re" is a Saudi joint stock company, founded in Riyadh in 2008 as the first reinsurance company established in Saudi Arabia.
  • Publicly Joint Stock Company Listed on the Saudi Exchange Market.
  • Cooperative full-fledged reinsurer.
  • The first reinsurance company licensed by the Insurance Authority.
  • Offer facultative and treaty solutions both on a proportional and non-proportional basis.
  • Strong underwriting expertise in Engineering, Property, Marine, Casualty, Motor, Retro, and Life & Medical.
  • Paid up Capital SR 891 Million (USD 237.6 Million).
  • A- (Stable) rating by S&P.
  • A3 (Stable) rating by Moody's.
  • Saudi Re operates under the supervision of Insurance Authority license number TMN/17/20087.


  • To build a reinsurance company for the middle East/North Africa region that is both innovative and superior technically and that will become a regional leader.
  • To leverage its strong regional platform and influence to expand on a global scale in markets where profitable opportunities are identified.
  • To develop a financially strong company for the benefit of its shareholders and clients, achieving a superior rating.
  • To create a professional and constantly learning organization that will provide a real regional alternative to the global players.

Value Proposition

Strong Financial Position

  • Capital of SAR 891 Million, four times the minimum capital required by the Regulations.
  • Rated A- with a "Stable" outlook by S&P which is attributed to its strengthen its competitive position , profitable business growth , diversification in local and international expansion.
  • Rated A3 with a "Stable" outlook by Moody's which is attributed to its strong asset quality, good capital adequacy, strong financial flexibility in addition to the strong brand and market position.

Local Knowledge with Global Reach

  • The first reinsurance company based in Saudi Arabia with a deep understanding of the culture and risk profile.
  • Close proximity to regional businesses and long term commitment to the region.

Client-focused approach

  • Saudi Re aims to grow along with its clients devoting its capabilities and expertise to serve the growth ambitions of its valued clients and enable their progress.
  • Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management infrastructure that enables high responsiveness to our clients' requirements. Clients are our most important asset and we invest in keeping continuously awareness of their expectations and help them achieve their aspirations and overcome the challenges.
  • Our business model is based on involving our underwriters and risk experts in interfacing and collaborating with clients and business partners which provides direct access to decision makers.

Experienced and Talented Team

  • Highly qualified employees with experience gained from working with major international players.
  • Ability to underwrite diverse and complex risks.


A- rating by Standard & Poor's S&P (Stable Outlook)

A3 rating by Moody's (Stable Outlook)

  • Strong brand and market position in Saudi Arabia as the sole Saudi professional reinsurer as well as a growing presence in its target markets of Asia, Africa and Lloyd’s.
  • Strong asset quality exemplified by its conservative investment portfolio.
  • Good capital adequacy.
  • Strong financial flexibility

Our Markets

Saudi Re has a diversified portfolio of facultative and treaty proportional and non-proportional business serving clients in more than 30 countries. We aim to develop and grow alongside our clients through building strong and sustainable relationships. Our underwriters travel around various markets to meet and interact with clients to develop better insights into their requirements.

Saudi Arabia

Being the only homegrown reinsurer, Saudi Re is fully committed towards clients and the market as a whole. Saudi Re enjoys professional relationships with almost all active insurance companies in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Re is exempt from withholding tax which is an advantage when dealing with a domestic reinsurer. Also, the close proximity and specific knowledge in the local risk profile are key factors which make Saudi Re a reinsurer of choice.


Saudi Re has always demonstrated commitment to serving the region. As the highest capitalized reinsurer in the Gulf region (Paid-up capital of SAR 891 Million, USD 237.6 Million), Saudi Re is very well positioned to offer first class security in treaty and facultative in both proportional and non-proportional businesses.

Emerging Markets

Saudi Re writes business in selected markets in Asia and Africa and has developed a range of reinsurance solutions which cater for the conventional and the Takaful and Re-takaful industry. Saudi Re delivers its services directly or through its network of approved brokerage firms. in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey and other countries.

Facts and Figures

  • Ratings: S&P A- /Stable
  • Ratings: Moody's A3 /Stable
  • Paid Up Capital: SAR 891 Million
  • Total Assets 2022: SAR 4.2 Billion
  • Gross Written Premium for 2022: SAR 1.4 Billion

Board of Directors

Mr. Abdulatif Al Fozan

Chairman of The Board

Mr. Turki Al Sudairy

Vice Chairman of The Board

Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Bassam

Member of The Board

Mr. Ahmad Sabbagh

Member of The Board

Mr. Waleed Al-Monie

Member of The Board

Mr.Mosa Bin Akresh

Member of The Board

Eng. Hussam AlSuwailem

Member of The Board

Mr. Abdulaziz Al Shiekh

Member of The Board

Mr. Fahad Al-Hesni

Managing Director - CEO

Ms. Kubra Radhi

Member of The Board

Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Jalal

Member of The Board



Ahmed Al - Jabr

Acting CEO


Waleed Bin Ateeq

Chief Financial Officer

Ahmed Al -Qarishi

Chief Underwriting Officer


Fadi Al-Qutub

Chief Investment Officer


Dana Barhoumeh

Chief Actuary

Osama Shareeda

Facultative Underwriting Director - Engineering and Energy


Raja Arif Ulah Khan

Facultative Underwriting Director - Property, Marine & Casualty

Kim Hock Liu

Principal Officer - Labuan Branch

Riyadh Al-Hozami

Treaty Underwriting Director 

Syed Izhar

Underwriting Director - Casualty & Financial Lines

Noorjihan Mohamad

Senior Treaty Manager - Asia Region

Amir Affes

Senior Treaty Underwriting Manager - ME & Africa 

Abdelmadjid Oulmane

Senior Underwriting Manager – Life & Medical / Inherent Defects

Faisal Rafique

Facultative Underwriting Manager - PMC - KSA


Isa Ali

Chief Strategy & Technology Officer

Naif Al-Khumashi

Chief Compliance Officer


Gohar Shahab

Finance & Technical Accounting Director

Faisal Isa Husain

Senior Risk Manager

Abdullatif Al-Bunayyan

Legal Affairs Manager / BoD Secretary

Mona Al-Jahani

Senior Manager - HR & Admin

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